Roll-up rear flap complete with air baffle, locking bars and clamps.


Standard ribbed with ratchet closure. Can be built with either a square or rounded top, with a 1" or 4" peak.


Each system comes with two fold-down rear steps.

Flatbed Trailer Length - As is the same with enclosed dry van and climate control trailers the standard length of flatbeds are 45 feet, 48 feet and 53 feet. The most common and representing about 75% of the aggregate capacity on the US highways is the 48-foot trailer. 45-foot trailers make up about 20% and 53-footers make up the remaining 5%.

Flatbed Trailer Width - The width of a Flatbed or any trailer, in 95% of the cases for that matter is, 102" outside width. There still are some older trailers, both enclosed and open that are 96". The difference in the case of an open trailer is the 102" of width is also the cargo carrying width, unlike enclosed trailer width. This means you can actually load cargo that is 102" wide and legally transport them. If your single unit shipping item exceeds 102" in width and length, you should read the section on specialized width.