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Our Clients



Alan - Villeneuve Tank Lines & Freight - Cornwall, ON 

I have been dealing with Critical Freight Inc for over 12 years and there isn't a load broker that meets their integrity. Prompt and fair pay is just a couple of the reasons we like to have them call us to pick up a load. Their flexibility, understanding and cooperation can't be beat. I can only say I wish there was more people like them in the transportation industry. They are 2nd to no one.



Stephanie - Polaris Transportation Group - Mississauga, ON

Polaris has been working with Critical Freight Inc since its establishment in 2002.  Katherine and her team have always been extremely professional to deal with. They are very accurate with the information they provide to us as a carrier moving their freight.  They are quick to think outside of the box to find a resolution when any issues occur.  We are always treated with the utmost respect and feel how truly valued the relationship has become.  We look forward to our continued business with Critical Freight Inc.



Aggie - Forbes Hewlett Transport Inc. - Brampton, ON

I have been dealing with Critical Freight Inc since they have opened.  Katherine has always made sure that all the information for us as a carrier to move her freight is accurate and well organized.  It's always a pleasure to work with the staff at Critical Freight Inc and I look forward to having a strong working relationship with them well into the future.



Louise - Southwest Dispatch Service - Woodstock, ON

We've been dealing with Critical Freight Inc for several years.  As a carrier, we've found them to be great people to deal with.  The rates are fair and they provide us with very precise, timely information.  Critical Freight Inc cares about both the customer and the carrier.  They understand the transportation industry and provide the customers with great service by hiring reputable carriers.  I'm privileged to be part of their carrier team.





Stephanie - Logistics Coordinator - Bowmanville, ON

I have been working with Critical Freight Inc since 2011.  The first time I used them, my regular freight broker had dropped the ball on a very important shipment and I was scrambling to find someone to cover it.   This is when fate stepped in and I was introduced to Critical Freight Inc.  They not only covered the shipment for a fantastic price, they kept me updated on the shipments progress and kept my customer informed on the ETA.  This left me with a fantastic experience and saved the day!   Since that time I have used Critical Freight Inc exclusively for my freight shipments.   Not only do I love the communication that they provide to me and my customers but they are competitive in pricing and very straight forward.   If for any reason they cannot cover a shipment (which very rarely happens) they will let you know right away.   If ever a problem arises, I have been immediately informed as has my customer.   I cannot stress enough what fantastic customer service you will get at Critical Freight Inc.  The people who make this company what it is are one in a million.  The carriers they use are reliable and extremely careful with the freight assigned to them.  I don’t have one bad word to say about this company.  I use Critical Freight Inc every day for shipments and consider them not just my freight broker of choice but also my friends.  If you're looking for a well-priced, trustworthy company who will do everything in their power to make sure your freight gets there on time, safely and efficiently, Critical Freight Inc is the company to use.



Judy - Transportation Specialist - Archbold, OH

Critical Freight Inc has been an integral part of the transportation of Sauder Woodworking freight since their beginning in 2002.  We have used their services to ship our freight between Canada and the United States as well as some intra Canada freight moves.  No matter what the needs of our customers may be,  I've always found that Critical Freight Inc has been able to serve them in a timely and economical manner.  They  always work to give Sauder Woodworking and our customers timely service for the best price whether it be for routine shipments or those out of the ordinary ones that come along.  I know no matter what freight I need to move or where I need to move it, that I can count on Critical Freight Inc to do the job!  They are always the first ones I call on and I would recommend them to anyone who needs to move freight. I know my freight is always in good hands with Critical Freight and the staff is amazing to work with!



Krista - Export Logistics Coordinator - Bay Shore, NY

Critical Freight is my most helpful tool when it comes to shipping into Canada.  They are friendly and helpful from beginning to end; shipments are always picked-up on-time and transported in the most efficient and timely manner.  The overnight service into the Toronto area has been very helpful in helping keeping delivery schedules when production is running behind.  Everyone one should make Critical Freight a critical part of their shipping transport team into Canada.



John - Shipping - Bensalem, PA

Critical Freight Inc: What can I say?  All of my troubles with shipments into Canada disappeared when our company began dealing with Critical Freight Inc!  This courteous,  knowledgeable and most of all friendly staff will do things above and beyond the norm to ensure 100% customer satisfaction!  Our shipments into the Toronto area are delivered the next day!  With Critical Freight Inc, we now have peace of mind with our Canadian shipments!  Two words best summarize Critical Freight Inc: above & beyond!



Mary-Jean - Customs/Traffic Supervisor - Toronto , ON

For exceptional customer service, reliability and dedication, I depend on Critical Freight Inc for all my shipping needs.  There is never a job too "HOT" to handle for Critical Freight Inc.




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