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Katherine's Corner - The End of the Beginning

Approaching two years ago, I mentioned to Cathy that I wanted to take ballroom dancing lessons. Fairly innocent comment I thought among other such mundane conversation at the office (it's never mundane, but I thought I would try). Next thing I know, I was signed up for horse back riding lessons. How does this affect my blog post?

Well, along the way, we reconnected with Edwin at Maple Crescent Farm the third facility she dragged me to. Edwin, with his sparkling personality (not), devastating smile (very hard won unless you talk horse reining), started working with us in January 2015. I asked Edwin to work with us in the realm of business development, etc etc etc. Actually, I didnt specifically have a full fledged plan. I'm not sure I will, but I do know that somehow he fits into our plan.

I digress, one of Edwin's first comments, and I believe BEFORE he started, was that we needed a new website. Although I hate emails, texting (as most of you now, you will hear my voice before a lot of email discussion!), I definitely had to agree.

So, now, since Cathy made me ride a horse (I am definitely a fair weather rider, btw), Edwin joined us, and I have a blog... I believe Edwin's title for it is "Ramblings of a Crazy Travelling Woman". Our webdesigner Kristine (his new fiance!), chose Katherine's Corner.

I hope to keep you up to date with industry happenings, funny things that imminently happen in my life, the people I trip across, the athletes we sponsor, the good we do, and perhaps some insight into who we are, what we do, and I don't think we can ever explain it!

A good example... the funniest thing I ever arranged transport for in my transportation life? The Oscar Myer Weinermobile (no joke). It's with great sadness that I must tell you that the Oscar Myer Weinermobile had a mishap in PA a couple of weeks ago with a snowbank. Mnnnph. After I railed it across Canada without incident!

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